About Us

Paint the Sky Purple Publishing (PSPP) publishes inspiring stories for children and adults. The goal for our  children’s stories is to pair  the imagination of students with learning STEM or STEAM subjects that encourage self-esteem, build relationships, and envision what they could accomplish when they grow up.

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To use creative storytelling and positive statements that inspire students to use STEM and other subjects for developing career choices.


To encourage students and their support network of family, school, and community to develop a pathway to career success by:

1. Building upon the knowledge learned in science, technology, engineering, art, math, and other subjects to align with the student’s interest.

2. Writing and publishing real life scenarios that are relatable to students that help them see the possibilities for selecting careers.

3. Improving self-esteem and being motivated to overcome obstacles that may be barriers to success, such as low economic status, systemic racism, lack of technical resources, or difficult interrelationships. 

 Our Authors

Author, Vanessa Womack

Vanessa Womack is the parent of two adult children who received their education in a public-school system. She is a strong advocate for year-round schools and more focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math – STEM subjects. In late 2012, she began to envision writing a series of children’s stories about STEM having now written her first STEM book, she is on the path to continue to complete the series. Vanessa’s book writing began with her debut book of fiction, ‘Paint the Sky Purple. She was also a contributing author to The Female CEO: Pearls, Power & Passion book. She earned her MBA from Averett University and BBA from City University of New York/Baruch College.